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トップ特亜 → It says to a stupid South Korean. Return our territory Takeshima.

It says to a stupid South Korean. Return our territory Takeshima.
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February 22 is Takeshima's day.


Takeshima is the territory in Japan. it does not have a concept of [ it is cowardly and ] shame -- Lee Sung-man -- although North Koreans rule over unfairly and it has continued up to the present by them, it is clear that dominium belongs to my Japan also in international law also historically. It is knocked down by defeat after the war, and the favor I was allowed to modernize to a good thing also forgets for Japan to have weakened, Takeshima who is the so-called Lee Sung-man line, and is the territory of our country unfairly is occupied, and the fishing boat of Japan which broke this is not settled in raid and capture, and the South Korean territory that performed the inhumane act of shooting further.

Lee Sung-man line the fishing boat off-limits line by which the Lee Sung-man line was set up based on sea sovereignty declaration of January 18, 1952 (Showa 27), and the South Korean (South Korea) President and Lee Sung-man. In South Korea, it is called a "peace line." Although it forbade performing the fishing in the high seas near South Korea by fishing boat other than the South Korean family register for protection of marine resources, it was because a true aim asserts possession of Takeshima and the Tsushima island which are called Dokdo in South Korea. The fishing boat (mainly Japan family register) in violation of this was the target of the visitation and capture by the South Korea side, and happened to the situation shot. Although a protest was strongly made against the Japan side as a measure which disregarded the custom on international law, it had to wait for abolition of this line to conclusion of the Japan-Korea Fisheries Agreement in 1965 (Showa 40). The number of vessels by which 3,929 Japanese detained persons by South Korea were captured in [ until an agreement is concluded ] 13 years counted 328 boats, and casualties counted 44 persons. In solving the problem of the Lee Sung-man line, the Japanese government released 472 the Korean resident in Japan and North Koreans imprisoned as a habitual offender or an index crime person from the concentration camp in exchange for a Japanese detained person's return according to the demand of the South Korean government, and gave special permission for residence.
(By Free encyclopedia "WIKIPEDIA")

ignorance -- South Korean people -- the world's No.1 -- although what the South Korean government which is the government with the bad head says is accepted without question also foolish and it seems [ it ] that it is continuing have a foolish belief with it being a South Korean territory about Takeshima etc., if you think so that it is true, it is stupid and should advise [ sticking Japan and a conclusion to the South Korean government with the bad head exactly at the place of an international court, and ].

1. Position Which Cohered

(1) Even if Takeshima compares with the historical fact, an international law top is also a territory clearly peculiar to our country.

(2) On international law, at all, occupation of Takeshima by South Korea is illegal occupation currently performed with no basis, and does not have justification with any legal measures which South Korea performs to Takeshima based on such illegal occupation. (Notes: Before our country's having governed Takeshima effectually from the South Korea side and establishing dominium, the clear basis which shows that South Korea was governing this island effectually is not shown.)

2. Opinion of Our Country about Takeshima Dominium

(1) Historical fact about the Takeshima possession

In the light of the following historical facts, it was thought that our country had established Takeshima's dominium about the middle of the 17th century based on effectual rule at the latest, and 1905 (Meiji 38) or subsequent ones has governed this island effectually, after reconfirming the will which possesses Takeshima as a modern state based on cabinet meeting determination.

(a) Japan recognized Takeshima ("Matsushima" of those days) more in ancient times. This is clear by much literature, a map, etc. (Notes: By "A revision Japan way is a complete diagram" (1779) of the most typical Nagakubo brownish water as a pub date book figure of circumstances line projection, spatial relationship is correctly indicated for present Takeshima.) In addition, they are many those with data until it reaches Meiji.

(b) although Otani and the Murakawa both families borrowed Ulreung Do from the government, received the Tokai license, went to this island every year, performed the fishing and had presented the abalone to the government in early stages of the Edo period (1618) -- Takeshima -- the port of call to the Ulreung Do voyage, and fishing -- it was used as a ground. Moreover, both families borrowed Takeshima from the government at the latest in 1661.

(c) Although the government forbade the voyage to Ulreung Do in 1696 as a result of negotiation between the Japan and South Korea involving the fishing around Ulreung Do ("Takeshima 1 affair"), the voyage to Takeshima was not forbidden.

(d) Following the cabinet meeting determination in January, 1905 (Meiji 38), Japan will include Takeshima in Shimane Prefecture by the Shimane notification in February, and is reconfirming the intention of possessing Takeshima. Then, Takeshima was carried by the state land ledger and the ASHIKA fishery in Takeshima became a license system, and it was continued until the Second World War stopped in 1941 (Showa 16).

(2) Validity of the Takeshima admission by the Japanese government in 1905

The admission measure to Shimane Prefecture of Takeshima by the cabinet meeting determination and the Shimane notification in 1905 (Meiji 38) It is not what shows that reconfirmed the will to which the Japanese government possesses Takeshima as a modern state, and Japan did not possess Takeshima before it, furthermore that the foreign country possessed Takeshima. Moreover, it is carried by the newspaper and it is carried out effectively those days that it is not what was performed in secrecy etc.
(Notes: It is not the duty on international law to give notice of a territory admission measure to the foreign government.)

(3) Treatment of Takeshima in the inside of many documents for Japanese occupation and postwar period processing

a series of measures before the Treaty of Peace with Japan (the Allied-Forces General Headquarters memo No. 677 on January 29, 1946 suspended provisionally that Japan uses the power on politics or administration to Takeshima, and planning, if I will use --) And the Allied-Forces General Headquarters memo No. 1033 on June 22, 1946 The document about having set Takeshima besides the line in installation of the MAKKA sir line which specified the operation zone of a Japanese fishing boat It is clear that it is not that to which all specified that it was not a thing about the final determination of the Japan territory attribution in the document, and excluded Takeshima from the territory in Japan. Moreover, Takeshima who is a territory peculiar to our country does not hit the area in the Cairo declaration in 1943 "was captured by violence and the desire" from the first. [ of "Japan capturing by violence and the desire and leaving it from all areas besides slack" ]

(Notes: In the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1951, it is clear to "Korea" which Japan recognized the independence and abandoned all rights, title, and a claim by the U.S. record public presentation document etc. that Takeshima is not contained.)

3. Presenting a Case to the Court to International Court of Justice

(1) Although it proposed taking [ International Court of Justice / (ICJ) ] our country about this problem with a verbal note in September, 1954 (Showa 29) to the South Korea side, South Korea did not respond to this (the jurisdiction of ICJ is not set up, unless it agrees with accepting the compulsive jurisdiction of ICJ beforehand or the intention of consent is expressed separately).

(2) Although it proposed committing this problem to the International Court of Justice from Foreign Minister Zentaro Kosaka to the South Korean foreign-affairs division manager official also in the case of the Japan-South Korea foreign minister talk in March, 1962, the positive reaction was not obtained from the South Korea side to this.

It has made that it fights [ us / in / always / the place of an international court ] to the finish with South Korea as mentioned above. It is quite wrong to think that anything is broken as it is selfish just because it is a third grade race how much. The world is not foolishly so gentle as a territory is obtained to the extent that "Its own thing" was shouted loud. If you think that it is its thing from the bottom of the heart with it being true, the duty as a civilized man should describe exactly the reason which oneself considers so at a public place, and it must be proof. If you want to become a real advanced nation, don't you think that it should fight fairly? Fighting, being beaten is not shame. It does not carry out also fighting, but also cowardly it runs from place to place, and a self opinion could be said that the act of present South Korea of shouting about is just the shame itself.

come out, argue dignifiedly and show -- a South Korean.


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